Road Traffic Collisions

Being involved in any accident can be devastating, causing huge upset and pain for those involved. It can literally ruin your life. Some face losing their whole way of living and even their employment and are faced with a dramatic change of career.

We have dealt with clients who have been involved in minor collisions, resulting in some minor injuries and damage to their vehicle with successful and satisfactory results. We have also dealt with very serious life changing incidents and always deal with these, and all other cases, in a sympathetic and professional manner. We strive to make things clear to clients and will give clear and understandable advice.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a road traffic collision and need advice please contact us.

We know that many clients can only contact us by email or by text during normal working hours and most of our work is done in this way, making sure that your information and details are kept secure. Feel free to contact us in any fashion.

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